Company DellCo

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Expertise SMB Growth, Building Teams, Innovating Processes

I’m a family man with a burning passion for business and people. I’ve lived in Lakeland since high school and went to FSC for college. My wife and I love Lakeland– it’s close to everything and has a small-town feel with the opportunity and culture of a larger city. With two young children, there isn’t much time for hobbies but we love listening to live music and having dinner with friends. I am happiest when managing chaos and making a difference.

I have a passion for commerce and have cut my teeth growing my current organization from 500k to 7M in annual revenue. I started DellCo as a budding ground to run with some of the other business ideas that I have. Some are stand-alone ideas, while others would operate as a business unit of my core company – Image Depot Express. The first concept I want to develop is an online-based laundry service that would provide pickup and drop off service.