Wendy Johnson
Wendy Johnson
May 14, 2018


Krazy Kombucha

Wendy is a nurse, certified holistic nutritionist, wife, mother of three boys, and third generation Lakelander. She has always been passionate about health, nutrition, and helping others learn how to take care of their bodies properly. As an advocate for healthy living, Wendy is consistently looking for more opportunities to share that lifestyle with others, and kombucha stood out as a perfect introduction. Kombucha is a delicious carbonated beverage alternative with a multitude of health benefits. At the very end of last year, Wendy bought Krazy Kombucha and has been running operations since. She looks forward to bringing Krazy Kombucha back to the Downtown Farmers Curb Market.

What is your business? I make Kombucha– a fermented tea beverage that is naturally carbonated during the fermentation process. Kombucha has many health benefits and is a healthy, low-caffeine, low-sugar alternative to soda.

Who are your clients? Everyone loves my Kombucha! With flavors like ginger (my absolute favorite), mango + berry, and strawberry, anyone looking for a healthy beverage choice is sure to enjoy my drinks.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I have always dreamed of owning a business. When I became certified in holistic nutrition, I knew I wanted to help others lead healthy lifestyles, not just apply the knowledge I had gained to myself and my family. This business presented the threshold to teach others and offer healthy alternatives.

What are some business wins? I have been making kombucha for three years on my own, but I’ve learned so much more about flavoring with this business. It’s always a win when people try my flavored kombucha and love it!

What are some business goals? My goal with Krazy Kombucha is to make Catapult our home kitchen and bring healthy, flavored kombucha back to the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. I also plan on moving into the wholesale market as well.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has helped me tremendously by providing a kitchen space to operate out of. I also participated in Boot Camp, which was very helpful as well!

What is your Secret Sauce? My SCOBY babies! Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria & Yeast. I call them my babies because SCOBY is what makes kombucha. I feed them, talk to them and love them. Pretty krazy, huh?

KrazyKombucha@gmail.com | 863.661.8015

CatapultLakeland.com | 863.940.9660


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