What is a Maker Space?
What is a Maker Space?
June 16, 2021

What exactly is a Maker Space?

Great question, in fact, most people don’t fully understand what a maker space is, so you are not alone! A Maker Space, in its simplest form, is a place that provides access to equipment for people to come in and make things. 

How did Maker Spaces get started?

Ever since the ‘maker movement’ picked up in the early 2000s, hands-on creation has been on the rise. People began to look for spaces dedicated to their craft and creativity where they were empowered and able to create without limitation, and with that, Maker Spaces were born and began to flourish.

They popped up all over the world in all different shapes and sizes at universities, corporation’s headquarters, community centers and more. Makers, tinkerers, creators, and hobbyists of all kinds began to flock to them excited to turn ideas into physical products. These spaces and the people that use them have played a huge role in inspiring hands-on creation and launching some of he world’s best-known products and solutions.

What can I actually make in a Maker Space?

With hundreds of Maker Spaces around the world, this answer varies based off available equipment, but overall, but some examples include:

  • product prototypes
  • props for stage productions
  • circuit board
  • unique furniture
  • custom signage
  • apparel
  • product customizations
  • fittings
  • restoration
  • artwork
  • coasters
  • but honestly, anything that you can think of and have a design for can be made in a Maker Space

What value does a maker space provide?

A maker space provides access to a variety of equipment that most people do not have in a home workshop, a chance to collaborate with other makers, and an opportunity to learn new skills.

What is Catapult Lakeland’s Maker Space?

In this specific Maker Space, there is a wood shop, metal shop, 3D print lab, sewing station, storage area, and assembly space. This collaborative space is designed to help creators and entrepreneurs in Lakeland bring their ideas to life. Through membership, creators will be able to use the in-house equipment to create, test concepts, make prototypes, and so much more. Having this local space allows for startup owners, students, hobbyists, corporations, and beyond to have access to a place that enables their ideas to come to life. 

Here at Catapult, all of our production-level machinery and equipment will eventually be available to our members for 24/7 use. The Maker Space is currently open 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Whether you are 3D printing a drone, making designer furniture, cutting metal, or sewing the latest designs, the Maker Space has a place for you.


How much is membership at Catapult? Membership starts at just $130/mo. As a non-profit entrepreneur center, our goal is to make this opportunity accessible to anyone with an idea. There are additional rates for extra storage space and certain pieces of equipment. 

When would I have access to the Space? Once you are a member of the Maker Space and complete the proper paperwork and training, you will have access to the space Monday-Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, then eventually 24/7.

Will I have access to all of the equipment? Yes! You will be able to use all equipment after being trained and/or with supervision.

Will I be trained on how to properly use equipment? Yes! You will be trained on function and operation including the software, should the machine require it. All safety procedures will be taught and guides will be available.

What equipment do you house? All of the available wood, metal, 3D printers, and other equipment are available to see on the Maker Space Equipment page on our website.

How do I apply? Email the Maker Space Director at brett@catapultlakeland.com or apply through the website.

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This blog was written by the team at Catapult Lakeland, an entrepreneur center in Lakeland Florida that exists to foster the growth of startups by providing education, resources, community and space.


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