Rise of the Rest
Rise of the Rest
May 9, 2019

Rise of the Rest is a Seed Fund that grants anywhere between $100,000 and $1,000,000 to promising, up and coming companies that are located outside of Boston, New York and Silicon Valley. The Seed Program was created via Revolution and is supported by renowned entrepreneurs, executives and investors including Steve Case (AOL), J. D. Vance (author of Hillbilly Elegy), and many more.


The Rise of the Rest has gone on seven tours since 2014, investing in twenty companies a year on average. This past week, the ROTR crew made their way to Florida, stopping in Miami, Orlando and Tampa. The Tampa event hosted a $100,000 winner in Immertec, a VR training platform for medical professionals which “provides a fully immersive 3D experience where physicians can virtually observe and be trained on medical procedures in real time, no matter where they’re located.”


Revolution and the Rise of the Rest Seed Fund are both game-changers in the world of entrepreneurship. Both are made up entirely of people who have been through their own self-starting endeavors, all bringing unique and invaluable knowledge and experience to the table. Between these and the monetary investment that they provide, Revolution and ROTR should not be overlooked if they ever return to the area!

To keep up with Revolution, follow them on instagram or visit their website here.


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