Catapult Series

Pitch Ready!

What Investors Want To Know About Your Business

Part 1: Finding Your Market Space, Identifying Business Lines & Key Players


January 17th




Leah Hacker


Lunch Provided

This workshop will cover the basics of how understanding your market and identifying business lines can help produce a product and service roadmap that will guide the future scale of your business. Often times, startups either have too narrow of a view of the marketplace or their perceived competitors are too lofty. The goal of this conversation is to help bring your marketplace switch into focus and discuss the art of aiming high while remaining actionable. We will discuss how to conduct a scalable competitive market analysis and what you should be looking for in the marketplace.

About the Facilitator!

Leah Hacker, Head of Research @ Accomplice

As Head of Research at Accomplice, Leah brings to the table an educational background and professional experience in psychology and predictive analytics for global enterprises and startups alike. She has been involved in research and strategy initiatives in the medicine, hospitality, retail, entertainment, education, and tech industries and played an instrumental role in product and market strategy for Honest Dollar, an Austin-based start-up acquired by Goldman Sachs in 2015. She is a published author, conference speaker on research and strategy, and is the Editor and Producer of It’s Worth Doing Right – a thought leadership platform and podcast exploring topics on the intersection of creativity and data in business strategy.

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