Company Samson Financial LLC

Phone 863.337.8779

Expertise Life Insurance, Retirement Planning, Financial Consulting

Samson Financial LLC was just formed due to my success with Symmetry Financial Group. I now have a team of 7 2-15 licensed agents (Life/Health Insurance and Annuities) locally and we are looking for a base location to hold team training and meeting weekly/monthly as well as client meetings occasionally until we can afford our own large office space. We currently have around 40 clients.

I was a store manager for Walgreens for 10 years and had a very successful career. I chose to leave due to the 1) changing the pace of the industry and 2) feeling that my abilities and knowledge were underutilized. Financially I was stable enough to make the shift and build a business without needing an income for around 18 months. I joined Symmetry Financial Group based out of NC and immediately had success with over 50k in personal sales in my first 2 months, received 2 commission promotions and became a hiring manager. Most of my newly 2-15 licensed team are past colleagues who are looking to make a change as well. 2 of them are currently active insurance/annuity writers with the remainder in training. Due to the success, I chose to Form Samson Financial LLC under the branch of Symmetry and start marketing our team using a united platform. I love doing what I do because not only am I helping clients protect their families and build their futures, but also because I’m at helping make new careers for those I used to employ and work within the past!