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Center for Coaching Certification

Company Center for Coaching Certification

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The Center for Coaching Certification offers quality coach training on the 11 Core Competencies of a Coach, the Center for Coaching Certification (CCC) is the only ICF-approved program accredited by IACET to offer CEUs. CCC provides professional support with a robust suite of tools, post-graduate opportunities and support, and free continuing education.

Our office is out of our home. Classes are virtual. My wife or one of her trainers teach classes. Since our office is collocated, I have trouble at times, especially when she’s teaching, to get things done in our present office layout. I am looking for a co-working space to accomplish our social media updates, blog writing, etc. In addition, I am trained as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and am looking to expand my personal area of coaching separate from her company. And finally…my personal hobby (and love) of beer…Beer podcasts and travel related podcasts development is on my agenda.