Paul Allan

Company Paul Allan Media

Phone 813.362.7057


I’ve been doing contract work over a year and a half now. I work with young brands to elevate their e-commerce game. I also do UI/UX design and full stack development. I have a few clients on retainer and I also take on selective one-off projects. These projects can be anything as simple as a custom WordPress or Shopify site all the way to web app development. My goal for the next 6 months is to transition in a fulltime technical entrepreneur. I’d like to create MVPs to sell or operate myself.
I grew up in Central Florida and graduated from SEU in 2010 with an M.I.S. degree. I’ve been in Los Angeles since 2011 working as a partner at a digital agency. I left the agency in September 2017 to pursue contract work and have been doing that ever since. Now that there’s nothing tying me to LA and all of my family is in central Florida… It’s time to come home!