Paige Wagner


Company Paige Wagner Homes

Phone 321.749.4196

Expertise Historic home remodeling, historic home sales

Lakeland is a special place. My husband and I moved to Lakeland from southern California in 2012 and have thrived in the Lakeland community. Whether it be starting Paige Wagner Homes Realty, flipping historic homes in the Lake Hollingsworth area or the journey of being apart of the launch of Grace City Church in Dixieland, Lakeland has been full of growth and opportunity!

Lakeland is the perfect place to grow and develop as a person or family. I began my real estate journey in 2014 and am so thankful for every client, home and situation that has made me a better and more well-rounded Broker. I live and breathe real estate and strongly believe Realtors have a responsibility to do right unto people as we navigate them from Point A to Point B. I always tell my clients, buying and selling a home is an “art,” not a “science”. It’s a process with many moving pieces that always end up knitting their way together to give you your perfect home!