Matthew Burnett

Company Perspective Horizons

Phone 336.404.1846

Expertise Customer Service, Talent Recognition, Team Development

My wife and I moved here from Greenville, SC. I have spent most of my adult life managing restaurants, but when my wife accepted a job at Publix HQ, we decided that the additional income was a perfect opportunity for me to start a new chapter in my career. Starting a business of my own became more and more appealing the more I thought about the personal freedom it would inspire, and while working in food and beverage is all I have ever known, providing service has always been what I excelled at. We have been in Lakeland for just over four months, and it has taken some time to find direction. My next step is to find a community of like-minded individuals to network with and be able to bounce ideas off of.
Perspective Horizons contracts and produces footage for real estate professionals, insurance agencies, and other businesses in need of aerial photos and video to assist in providing better service to their customers.