Maggie Leach

Kitchen Intern

Company Kitchen Intern



Originally from St. Augustine Florida, Maggie is currently a senior at Southeastern University, studying business management. She attended culinary school through dual enrollment, and started working in the restaurant industry as a junior in high school. She is passionate about international fusion cuisine, and loves to trying new foods. (Bring on the samples!)

She is our kitchen intern at Catapult, and here to help with any and all kitchen inquiries. Please contact Maggie with any questions about our commissary kitchen, and she will be happy to assist!

If you really knew Maggie, you’d know:

1. Her favorite animals are elephants, and she has ridden one in a jungle in Nepal.

2. While living in a dorm, she perfected the art of making pumpkin bread in a crockpot.

3. Her career goal is to open a community focused fast casual restaurant.