Company Luxe Love and Paper

Phone 863.873.6925

Expertise Researching, e-commerce

Currently, my business specializes in digital party products. I provide personalized products such as invitations, banners, party favors and t-shirt designs. At Catapult, I will be utilizing my time to develop additional digital products and finish my new company’s website so that I can add an additional revenue from printed party products.

I graduated in May 2008 from University of Florida. I opened an online women’s boutique in 2012. In 2013, I opened a brick and mortar location in Plant City. Then moved that location to Lakeland in 2014. During that time I always paid graphic designers to design the company’s graphic needs. One day, I decided I could do what I need and I made an Instagram flyer. I like it and started doing more of my own flyers, posts, etc. I did some flyers for other friends that had businesses. And that is kind of how I got into digital products. I had taken several Photoshop courses while at Florida and I just started practicing. When my son’s birthday came I decided I would make his invitation. And from there Madison Jean Design was started. Moving forward when I relaunch my company it will be named Luxe Love and Paper.