Kendall Glowner

Company Be Moxie Get Fit

Phone 863.701.3176

Expertise Health & Wellness, Self Development, PCOS awareness, PCOS management

Be Moxie Get Fit is a blog that I will be launching in January 2019, along with a vlog and other social media outlets. The goal of my startup is to spread awareness of PCOS and to encourage young women to take control of their health from a holistic view. It is all about spreading positivity and information to help young girls have the tools to turn into the best women they can be. I hope to one day be able to sell merchandise but for now, I am focused on gaining a following and developing content that will have a positive impact.

I am originally from Alabama but I moved to Lakeland with my family when I was in middle school. I am now 25 and live by myself, with my fur baby-Marley. Nearly 2 years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS and I have spent every spare moment since then learning as much about the syndrome as I can. I have worked so hard to overcome the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual battles that come along with PCOS and while I still have a lot of room for improvement I want to help other women realize that they can take back their lives through holistic health. I am currently working full time as an orthodontic assistant and while I absolutely love my job I feel a strong calling in my life to share my store and help others. I am ready and willing to follow this path wherever it leads me.