Jonathan Gilbert


Company Current

Phone 207.213.0248

Expertise Advertising, Marketing, Social Media

Current is a advertising agency that specializes in social media management, content creation, videography, and photography.

I am originally from Jay, Maine and have worked in the advertising business since 2009. My first start up has been successful and gone on to help a lot of business in the northeast and nationally with their branding and websites. Personally, I’ve always loved Florida (gotta love that sunshine) and my cousin lives down here. She specializes in social media so we decided to start a business. We love Lakeland and believe there are huge opportunities here. I’m a businessman first and foremost but that doesn’t limit my capabilities to excel in other areas. I’ve been a videographer for over 10 years and have worked with plethora of success full companies such as Apple, NYU, Garth Brooks, HP, and the United Way.