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Jon wants to live in a world filled with people who value art and its process, a place where unicorns thrive and Jesus is wearing angel wings and is sitting front row at a Journey concert holding a $20 artisan bagel.

Originally a native of New York City, he is an independent art director and graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience. He has partnered with many companies such as Greenstar Panels, Allen & Company of Florida Inc., Free Life, Spano & Company, Eventrics, Ag America, Northway, along with many others. All the while, earning a Bachelors Degree at Southeastern University.

When he’s not creating, he’s still creating. As a lover of all mediums of Art, he also enjoys the occasional opportunity as a private chef. As a chef, he holds the honor of being chosen as Top 100 finalist of Season 5 of Masterchef on Fox. In addition to that, he has had a decade of experience as a Music Director and has also recently began a road toward holding a reputable name in the Fine Arts world. All the while, helping create 3 little girls with his, also very artistic, wife, Lindsey.

He is currently operating as Art Director for several projects and is searching for an opportunity in modern Street Art movement, along with continuing to hold the dream of owning an original restaurant concept.

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