John Kazaklis

Program Director

Company Program Director

Phone 863-940-9660


John is from the DC Metro Area. In school, he studied Business Marketing & Theology. Ask him what his passions are and he’ll tell you about his amazing trips and ventures to countries all around the world experiencing an array of different cultures. Food and foreign languages are up there on his list of favorite things, but John also has a tremendous heart for people like you.

Here at Catapult, John oversees all of the programs we have to offer our members. He’ll stay late if that means providing the best courses, workshops and resource to the community. 

You want to know what keeps him going? It’s when he knows that he’s working at the hottest and most exciting place to be to feel the energy in the city. He is interacting and involving himself with what our members are working on, and we love that.

If you really knew John, you’d know that:

He has an obsession with Chipotle. Send help.