Jessica Banks

Company Bizzle

Phone 863.670.7986

Expertise Digital Marketing, Team Building, Organization

Bizzle curates boxes with feminine products and a guide book to educate, celebrate, and prepare young girls for their first menstrual cycle. I started Bizzle in August 2018 when a student of mine asked me for a feminine product in the middle of class. Fortunately, she knew to ask for a feminine product, but she didn’t know what to do with it. Upon further research, I discovered that 60% of girls are scared, 58% are embarrassed, and 44% percent of girls have no idea what is happening the first time they get their period. In an age where women are becoming more aware of their bodies and confident in who they are, I was amazed that this was still such a problem and decided to take action.
I am a northerner, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA! I moved to Lakeland to study music education at Southeastern University. Shortly after graduating in 2016, I got a job at a local elementary school and have been loving it ever since! I have one brother and two amazing parents. I love to sing, play music, and make gifts for people.