Company Skunkape Interactive

Phone 863.644.6010

Expertise 3D Animation, Programming, Game Development

Skunkape Interactive is an independent video game development company, founded by myself and three friends in 2014. In 2011 we started modding Fallout 3 over the summer break before our senior year of high school. Our ideas for reworking the game quickly grew so ambitious that by fall we had decided to start learning how to make our own games from scratch. After some fun, wonky and totally incomplete “games,” we finally completed and released our first game “ROOT” on Steam late in 2015. Shortly after the release of ROOT, we made a small foray into virtual reality with our game DEADLOCK. Although the extreme immersion and intuitive gameplay of VR were fun to work with, we missed the endless landscapes, deeper narratives, and complex mechanics of desktop gaming. Our most recent prototype, “DENIZEN”, aims to make full use of these advantages and bring the quality of our game design to a new level.
I love bringing things to life, and in video game development I find endless opportunities to do just that. Whether it’s as simple as making a digital door open and close or as complex as designing an artificial intelligence-driven character(meticulously rendered by fellow Skunkape founder Will English) to move, think, speak, and react to the player’s actions. I grew up in Lakeland, as did all of the Skunkape Interactive founders, and never found myself wanting to be anywhere else.