Company Crumbles & Cream

Phone 321.442.9440

Expertise Baking, Culinary Arts, Catering

About Grit…
– a certified pastry chef, trained in the south of Germany.
– lucky enough to have travelled the world and tasted some of the greatest pastries and sweets on this planet.
– cherishing her family’s German recipes and customizing them for Florida’s climate.
– obsessing about recipes 24/7.
– generally ambiguous.
– a beer lover.
– a shoe fanatic.

About Crumbles and Cream: Using traditional European baking methods and unique recipes, we transform clean & fresh ingredients into lovingly handcrafted baked goods, pastries & culinary specialities. We bake in small batches from scratch and incorporate local & seasonal produce. No preservatives, trans fats, artificial flavors, colors & sweeteners are being added.