Dory Rodriguez-Seda

Company Homes For Heroes

Phone 863-602-7059

Expertise Sales, Retail, Marketing

Dory Rodriguez-Seda

I have been a Floridian since 1998. I moved from Puerto Rico with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and completed my second bachelor’s degree in Architectural Design from the University of South Florida. I have been married to James K. Joseph for 7 years and have a terrific two-year-old daughter Nanishy Marie. Heroes have been an intricate part of my family. My father worked in the Police Department for 37 years, my mother a nurse, a brother in the Navy and a cousin in the Coast Guard.

I understand the sacrifices and hard work all heroes have to make and I am honored to serve and give back to those who serve so many!

I have a passion for giving back to the community. As a realtor, I am excited to bring to Polk County a National Program called Homes for Heroes. I will be directing Homes for Heroes Polk County from right here in Catapult!