De Vondalyn Hughes

Company The Chamber of Charter School Educators

Phone 904.366.9577

Expertise Verbal Communication, Written Communication, Networking Initiatives

2004 is when I found my true calling in being an educator. Since then, I have been developing my craft by honing in on the charter school education sector. I pride myself in being a tenacious and goal-oriented individual who’s never afraid of learning more. I am also the type of person who’s always willing to impart my learned knowledge with anyone of like mind. Paying it forward and reaching back to help others is an essential part of my life that I take seriously. I have a passion for education that has propelled me to pursue my doctorate in educational leadership so that I can further my pursuits in paying it forward by way of establishing a platform for future educators. It is my intent to not only establish a place for charter school educators to grow, but to also teach and prepare educators; thereby, continuing to fuel future educators to be the best they can be as they move forward in their careers.

Although the concept of The Chamber of Charter School Educators is novel, I have been affiliated with charter school education for over ten years. The idea came about through the loss of my own charter school, Patterson Academy for the Arts located in Jacksonville, Florida. When Patterson Academy for the Arts did not pan out, I reflected on all of my experiences, followed by researching different means of resources locally that could have assisted me in the past. I noticed there weren’t any free or immediate resources available to me or any other charter school, so I conceptualized the idea of creating a resource center that would be available to new and existing charter school leaders who may come into issues, or have a desire to prevent potential issues for their school.