Company Swan Brewing

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Expertise Management, Customer Engagement, Business Startup

Dan Thumberg

Hello all, I’m Dan and I know how to make funnel cakes. I grew up in the carnival business, but about 16 years ago I decided to get a “real job.” I worked for AB (now AB-InBev) for several years, learned to lay asphalt at a construction company and finally settled on managing customer contact centers. I have been developing client and employee engagement strategies for more than a decade and I’m passionate about putting the customer first. Currently I’m a full-time business owner, a full-time stay at home dad, and a full time, middle-aged college student! Oh, and I really, really love to make beer!

Swan Brewing started as a way for me to get out of the house on Saturday. I’ve loved brewing beer ever since I started working for AB in the early 2000s. When I moved to Lakeland in 2013, the closest supply store was in Tampa! We love the Downtown Curb market and my wife suggested that I start selling my own supplies to see if anyone else in town loved to brew. Along the way I decided I wanted to take my love of beer and brewing to the next illogical step – I wanted to open my own brewery. Swan Brewing will be the second micro-brewery in the downtown Lakeland area and we aim to put the customer experience first – our beer won’t be too shabby either. If everything goes according to plan, come have a beer with us in the Spring of 2017!