Company Ramp Systems

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Expertise EDI/Data Integration, Warehousing Software, Logistics


I am originally from Vermont and have spent much of my life living in various places in the North. My background is unique in that my father is an Iranian who became an American citizen and my mother is an American with Irish roots. I lived in Iran for about 3 years when I was younger.

I worked for various companies of differing backgrounds and a job opportunity initially brought me to Florida where I have lived for 11 years, 8 of them in Lakeland.

My brother Brian Mozhdehi created Ramp Systems and is the brains behind most of the operation. It’s interesting working with an older brother and I enjoy being part of and investing in a family business.

Much of my free time is focused on serving others. I spent 2 years volunteering in the Academic Enrichment Program at Parker Street Ministries and that helped me find a great sense of community here. I currently attend Strong Tower Church, a church plant in the Parker Street neighborhood with many of the families and friends I got to know through Parker Street Ministries. I also volunteer with Gospel, Inc which is a local organization dedicated to helping the homeless and at risk population in Lakeland. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking – baking which I learned from my mother and preparing various Iranian foods among other things which I learned from my father. I also enjoy photography which was a passion of my Grandfather.

Ramp Systems is an Enterprise Software and Services Company dedicated to providing complete Solutions exclusively to the Logistics Industry. Software and services offered include Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Execution, EDI, eCommerce and Application Integration.

Rapid growth as a result of widespread adoption of Ramp Systems advanced solutions offering has resulted in approximately 350 customers in 10 countries using Ramp technology and services each day.

My job is to get to know our customers and understand their business needs. We then utilize the products of Ramp Systems along with other resources in order to meet that need. My customers are in many locations around the world and have various projects with different needs. It’s interesting to learn about them and also to get to know them at a personal level. I am thankful when we can meet a critical need of theirs to help them grow their business.