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Expertise Sustainable Beauty & Living Practices

My life motto is “learning is never-ending” and thanks to the George W. Jenkins Scholarship, Publix Charities and the Barnett family that was possible! I was able to continue my education after high school at Florida Southern College. While earning my Bachelors Degree, I learned the importance of not just investing in yourself, but investing in others and to give back. This is why I volunteer with Top Buttons, Inc. and their Women Wearing Confidence program that inspires and equips young women to present their best self on the job, at school, and in life.
My background working in the beauty industry has opened doors to many different leadership positions that have given me a solid foundation for independent work as well as team building. My salon management experience at Ulta Beauty, Inc. allowed me to tap into the business side of things whereas working as an independent hairstylist has broadened my experience with social media marketing, managing and content creation.
Being a Lakeland native, I have found myself setting my own roots with my family after a few years of living in North Florida. I have worked in the (sustainable) beauty industry for over nine years and have brought those salon practices to Lakeland but I am looking to do something even bigger and better that will benefit our community and not just my clients that come to see me at the salon.