Chase + Shannon Webber

Company Little Remi



Chase and Shannon Webber have spent their married life together serving families and children in the Lakeland community, through leading child and youth departments in church, and now working to prevent children from entering the foster care system. Chase spent time educating and coaching middle school students in the public school system, and Shannon tutored struggling students. Seeking new opportunities, they entered the corporate world. Chase did stints in sales, marketing, and program management, while Shannon became a leader in a company that sold and distributed pharmaceutical skin care products. Although each have a degree in business, they have a passion to see families strengthened and connected. Once their first child, Remington was born, it set in that not every child has the opportunity to grow up in a strong, healthy, resilient home. They decided to couple their experience with their passion, and launch Little Remi, a company whose mission is to provide thoughtfully designed, environmentally friendly, premium textile products for their littles and yours. Each product is designed with the intention to create bonding experiences, and success to them is being a small part of those experiences. 

When they are not devoting their time to such amazing work, you can find them deliberating on a name for their second child, which they know they will one day have to name a business after to keep it fair.