Company Bingley Design

Phone 608.346.8593

Expertise Photography, Social Media Marketing

My name is Cami Butler, and I moved to Lakeland a year ago! I was attending Southeastern University, then my parents moved here as well. Photography is my passion. I love to capture moments and tell stories through this art form that can last a lifetime. I am studying communications, and I hope to work for a non-profit as a photographer and with marketing. I love all things creative, and all things people. I am currently working with Bingley Design as a Social Media Marketer. I absolutely love my job and our clients. In my time with the company, I have already grown a vast amount, and I am eager to learn more. I hope to build a community with others at Catapult and even learn from those I am surrounded by. This is just the beginning, and I am excited for what’s to come!