Brittany Bandi

Company Sow Exotic

Phone 727.808.7822

Expertise Digital Marketing, Permaculture, Web Design

I co-founded Sow Exotic, a rare fruiting and medicinal plant nursery, with my partner Jared in 2016. I have a BA in International Relations and a BFA in Photography from the University of North Florida. The garden is my happy place and inspiring people to grow their own food, connecting with various cultures through fruit and natural medicine, and being able to travel just to discover new plants are the greatest joys in my life that I never even knew I would experience. I love to play ultimate frisbee, run around the farm with my dog Bagel and I am currently training to become a Yoga teacher.

Sow Exotic grows rare tropical fruit trees, unique fruiting plants, and exotic medicinal herbs on our nursery, food forest, and wildlife habitat in the heart of Florida. All of our plants are grown totally naturally and come in biodegradable plant-based pots. We opened the nursery online on Earth Day in 2016. Our mission is to cultivate a better, greener world and transform the traditional landscape into an edible, colorful, thriving oasis ripe with nutrition and endless possibility where something new is always in season and fresh food can be picked daily.