Anna Marie Smith

Membership Director

Company Membership Director

Phone 863-940-9660


Anna Marie is originally from Panama City Beach, FL but migrated to Lakeland for college where she graduated from Southeastern University with a degree in English and Secondary Education. She lived in Washington DC for a year after she graduated in 2012, but quickly came back to the artistic small-town community of Lakeland after she realized that living in the city was not her vibe.

She is passionate about making people feel at home, appreciated, and understood. Her role as Membership Director allows her to serve the members of Catapult to make their business the best it can be, make Catapult the best place to work, and doesn’t let a day pass without making every one around her smile.

Anna Marie loves working at Catapult because it’s inspiring for her to be around people who push themselves and make bold choices, all while exuding kindness to their fellow entrepreneurs. She is joyful and giving and works hard to make sure that Catapult feels like your home away from home.

If you really knew Anna Marie, you’d know:

She will always choose an Airbnb over a hotel when traveling.

She reads 2 books a month and is always open to suggestions for what should be next on her list.

She makes a mean guacamole.

Her heroes are: Mother Teresa, Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon, and whoever invented brunch.