Company The King's Church

Phone 636.352.6092

Expertise Communication, Event Planning, Coaching

I moved to Florida for a continuation of a corporate job one year ago. I knew I would be called away from that job at some point. I got involved with a Tampa church that connected me with the group of people planting The King’s Church. After a long story of prayer and decisions, my husband and I decided it was time for me to leave my corporate job and become a part of that community. A community that needed a Children’s Director. I had worked within Children’s ministry for every church I had been involved in, and my business background provided me with the love of planning, organizing, and managing. I am over the moon to be in this position, serving the families of our community the best way I know how. Running an online ministry on the side provides me with resources, networks, and guidance to cater towards the Children’s Ministry position. You’re asking what I love to do, this is what I love to do! Outside of those ministries, I am an outdoors junkie who loves to hike and camp.

The King’s Church is a recently planted church in the heart of Dixieland. I am their Children’s Ministry director. My time at Catapult will be spent preparing, organizing, and managing curriculum, activities, and events within that position. I also run my own online ministry, Take a Walk Ministries. I write and develop content and resources for my audience, as well as minister to them through a myriad of platforms. I split up my work time between these two jobs.