Company Dson Photography

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Expertise Photography, Community Development, Coffee Professional

I have owned many, many interests in my life. While my interests have been ever-changing, there is one consistency throughout all of them, and it can be summed in one word: Community. While I am not fully sure what I want to do with my life vocationally, one thing I do know is that it will involve connecting with people and giving them a home. My current interests include: making coffee, photography, and consuming coffee. I am a true Lakelander, raised in Lakeland, and I love it here. I have planted roots here and have no plans of digging them up any time soon.

Making photographs is something I have done since I could hold a camera. My mother would buy disposable cameras for me as a child and I would run around photographing probably nothing too interesting. I started Dson Photography about two years ago with the hopes of documenting love through real moments and stories. While the business looks immensely different than it did before, the foundational goal has not changed. I have a true calling to provide lasting imagery for people in love; imagery that will stay on the walls and coffee tables of homes for years to come.