State of the Spark
State of the Spark
December 5, 2018
Spark Sites is thriving because of Catapult. The community we had + the connections we made were irreplaceable, and the lessons we learned + the contacts we made were critical to our success. We are now growing our own corporate culture while positioning ourselves for another record-breaking quarter.
Grant Nieddu

Founder, State of the Spark

Grant + Marissa have been with us and have served as integral members of our community since Catapult first opened. After nearly five years in our coworking space, they decided they needed space to scale their company, train their staff, and appropriately + adequately house their growing staff.

We dropped in The Collective to see how things have been going since the transition.

Q+A with Grant Nieddu

Catapult: What was the breaking point when you realized it was your time to move out of Catapult?

Grant: There came a point during our membership at Catapult that we felt the relationship became counterintuitive. We always have and always will love the energy the space brings, but as a team, we felt we were getting disruptive to the “solopreneurs” + that the rest of the community was a distraction from the culture we were trying to create as a growing team.

Catapult: How was the transition from working out of Catapult to your own space?

Grant: The transition has been everything we could have hoped for! we have been growing, so having the appropriate space to scale our business and train our employees in their apprenticeships has been incredibly helpful.

Catapult: What are some wins for your business since you’ve moved into your new space?

Grant: We just had our largest quarter EVER. Quarter after quarter this year, we’ve experienced exponential growth.

Catapult: How have you developed your customer family? What are your secrets to customer growth?

Grant: We were founded on the idea that good work is much too expensive. We have been able to provide a great website at an affordable price with continued, reliable maintenance moving forward. We also empower our customers by teaching the necessary tools to manage their websites personally as well.

CatapultHave you been able to hire any new employees?

Grant: We have been lucky to add another team member since the transition. We prefer to hire people to go through the apprenticeship process, not for internships, so we can equip our new employees with all the tools necessary to keep the business going long after I am gone.

Catapult: Have any of your goals changed from when you first started to now?

Grant: Our primary goal for a long time now has been to optimize our “web happiness machine.” This is our flagship product: an affordable, polished website with continued maintenance after site completion. We have reached a point in the business where we feel comfortable with what we have offered to the Lakeland community, so we are beginning to, slowly but surely, branch out into other markets we have yet to reach. The success we have seen in the Lakeland market has also allowed us an opportunity to focus on personal passions in a professional context.

Catapult: Which specific aspect of Catapult can you look back on and identify as the most helpful to your business?

Grant: The “watercooler” feel at Catapult. There was such a vibrant, encouraging community that energized me and the work we were doing. I learned so much from the entrepreneurs in the space, those who succeeded and those who failed.

Catapult: What would you wish next for your business?

Grant: We want to continue to optimize our web happiness machine. Once we have a product that’s so good it can stand on its own, that will provide us with the freedom to explore our other passions. For me, that’s public speaking + writing and for Marissa, that’s Spark Explore.

More Information about State of the Spark:

Member of Catapult Since: March 31, 2014

New Space Launch Date: August 1, 2018

Location: 830 N Massachusetts Ave, Lakeland, FL 33801

Square Footage: 750 square feet