We started this journey as a way to learn something for ourselves and a way to keep creative and healthy; what we discovered was that we were creating value and art and durable goods that others would find useful and valuable as well. While selling on the street for five years, we made great friends and had time to experiment with new ideas that our clients brought to us. Some of our best sellers are ideas that a single client brought to us as a custom job, so we learned to listen to our customer base, learned that we can create durable, wearable art that appeals to a broad spectrum of people, and finally that their confidence and trust in us makes us excel to meet that. Now that we have a store front, we have even more capability to be creative, move faster on custom work, and have room to grow into the wholesale marketplace. We couldn’t do this without our loyal clients, for whom we are truly grateful. You guys give us the means to keep experimenting, keep pushing ourselves, keep growing, and to continue creating high value wearable art.
Stacy + Daniel Tabb

Owners, Boondock Studios

We are so excited for everything happening for Stacy + Daniel at Boondock Studios! They have put together a beautiful retail space to sell their products and host workshops for kids and adults alike. They have big plans in store for the future and we can’t wait to see everything come together.

We met up with Stacy + Daniel to talk shop since Catapult.

Q+A with Stacy + Daniel Tabb

Catapult: What was the breaking point when you realized it was your time to move out of Catapult?

Stacy + Daniel: When we were members at Catapult, our house served as our workshop; we knew we needed a space apart from home to get work done. With the acquisition of this space, we are able to have a definitive place for work apart from our house, which has been a breath of fresh air. We have a specific place to keep all of our tools without flooding our house with supplies.

Catapult: How was the transition from working out of Catapult to your own space?

Stacy + Daniel: We ran business operations out of Catapult and completed all orders from our space at home, so being able to consolidate our business to one location was incredibly helpful.

Catapult: What are some wins for your business since you’ve moved into your new space?

Stacy + Daniel: We were recently asked to make the Polk County Cattleman’s Sweetheart sash to be worn at events all over the county and are honored to have put that together for them. We consider the trust between ourselves and our customers to be a massive win, and we are lucky enough to experience that on a daily basis.

Catapult: How have you developed your customer family? What are your secrets to customer growth?

Stacy + Daniel: We’ve learned that if you treat your customers fair, you do your best work every time. We treat every customer that comes through our doors with the same amount of respect as any other.

CatapultHave you been able to hire any new employees?

Stacy + Daniel: We have not hired any more employees yet, but we have plans to hire interns in leatherwork within the next year.

Catapult: Have any of your goals changed from when you first started to now?

Stacy + Daniel: Now that we have a concrete location to sell retail, our goal is to attend conventions and bring in wholesale orders to expand our business. We also want to be able to give back to the community by teaming up with PACE Center for Girls. We’d like to teach them how to make their own leather bags to auction off at their charity event the PACE Purse Party. Also, because Daniel was in the military, we want to donate books to local veteran centers for hospitalilzed veterans.

Catapult: Which specific aspect of Catapult can you look back on and identify as the most helpful to your business?

Stacy + Daniel: We were awarded a micro-grant from Catapult’s funding program, which enabled us to purchase much-needed equipment to streamline our production process. Aside from the micro-grant, networking opportunities that Catapult presented were incredibly helpful. We were connected with Laura Helm from Haus 820 and have since participated in the many of the markets held there.

Catapult: What would you wish next for your business?

Stacy + Daniel: We are eager to complete the move into wholesale, but are excited for everything that’s in store for us.

More Information about Boondock Studios:

Member of Catapult Since: March 23, 2017

New Space Launch Date: September 14, 2017

Location: 811 N Florida Ave, Lakeland, FL 33801

Square Footage: 1000 square feet