801 E. Main
801 E. Main
March 10, 2017
I want to inspire people to start their own things. People think there has to be a certain time or they have to have certain things to get started, but there’s not. Hustle + grind.  Robyn Wilson

We are thrilled for Robyn and friends at 801 E. Main! Her vision for what she hoped for the Poor Porker has been achieved and she’s consistently surpassing our expectations. We miss having them in our kitchen, but we are so grateful to have a new home away from home at 801 E. Main. 

We sat down with Robyn to get some updates on what’s been happening since she’s moved out of our space.

Q+A with Robyn Wilson

Catapult: What was the breaking point in which you realized it was your time to move out of Catapult? Robyn: I needed some more space and I really wanted a space that I could open up to other people. Catapult: How was the transition from working out of a co-working space to your own space? Robyn: As much as I love people, it was a breath of fresh air to have a space to call my own. Catapult: What are some wins for your business since you’ve moved into your new space? Robyn: I hope to help make this town a place that people want to come to, which for me meant building the thing I wish existed. I envisioned 801 E. Main as a movement of gratitude + creativity and having this space where that happens has been the biggest win for me! This is a place for all people. Catapult: How have you developed that customer family? What are your secrets to customer growth? Robyn: We may be known for our beignets, but it’s not about them; it’s about open sharing and sharing your story. We’ve built a business that’s based on love and giving back. I have so much gratitude for the people I work with and those who show up every weekend. Catapult: Have you been able to hire any new employees? Robyn: Yes! We have four full-time employees and three part-time employees.
Catapult: Are you seeing an increase in growth each quarter? Robyn: Yes, we’ve done well. We’ve had to learn a lot, but yes. I don’t dream about being rich and I’m not shy about telling people that it’s hard. But my hope with that is to inspire people to just do it because it’s so worth it. Catapult: Have any of your goals changed from when you first started to now? Robyn: I used to want to make Poor Porkers everywhere. Now, I’m trying to make this one of the raddest places in Lakeland. It’s all about the community and what I can do here. I’m not trying to grow too fast. Catapult: Which specific aspect of Catapult can you look back on and identify as the most helpful to your business? Robyn: The affordability. I didn’t start out with much, so at the time that was exactly what I needed. Catapult: What’s one thing you’ve learned that you wish you knew when you first started? Robyn: It’s just as important to plan for success as it is to plan for failure. Success can be just as difficult, so always continue planning and know what you’re worth. Catapult: Why Lakeland? Robyn: I wouldn’t be able to do as much without this town. There should always be a place where you can be inspired, have fun and not break the bank. There’s a home here, there’s hope here.

More Information about 801 E. Main

Launch Date: September 2011 at the Farmers Market

New Space Launch Date: November 2015

Square Footage: 6,000


Thursday 5pm-10pm

Friday 5pm-12am

Saturday 8am-12am

Sunday 8am-10pm

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  1. Arthur Burt

    You start my week Robyn, you are my “Main” event. Sunday morning beignets has become a tradition with me and any guests that I have. Love what you have done with 801 “Main” and love your people too. Love your enthusiasm and your drive. No doubt that you are destined for greatness in Lakeland following in the footsteps of Publix.


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