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Wayne has been working with his hands for all of his life. He served in the Army for almost twelve years as a helicopter mechanic and supply NCO. Currently, he serves in several capacities around Lakeland: as a property manager for Gospel Inc., a handyman for Haus 820, a maintenance worker for Looks Great Ent., and he also wrangles soundboards for his church and United City. For a while now, he’s been the go-to-guy that friends call when they can’t get the light to work or need their new TV installed. It seemed natural for Wayne to extend his expertise into a business that helps individuals, small businesses, and non-profits with their sound equipment needs.

What is your business? Through Your Audio Rental Pro, I provide rental sound equipment, sound equipment operation, and troubleshooting services.

Who are your clients? Small businesses or parties. I can provide anything from a single speaker + microphone for a presentation to the sound system for a wedding reception. I can set it up and walk away or stick around and run things during the event.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Owning my business gives me the freedom to creatively meet my customer’s needs. I’m not bound to a corporate structure or red tape. Being an entrepreneur also gives me a flexible schedule that helps me spend time with my family and the free time to work for the non-profits I love.

What are your short-term goals? An individual can’t afford to pay what a corporation does for sound equipment rental—and they shouldn’t have to. My goal is to support individuals and non-profits who weren’t being reached before.

What are some business wins? I had people asking for these services before I’d even finished setting up Your Audio Rental Pro. We actually opened early because we were needed!

Why Lakeland? I left Lakeland in 2007 because I was young, dumb, and wasn’t sure what I was meant to do. After time in Korea, Texas, and Afghanistan, God called me back. Working, volunteering, and serving here has made Lakeland home!

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult gives me a physical place to escape to. I am able to get my work done without any distractions, but Catapult is even more than that— it’s a community that understands and supports entrepreneurs. The folks here are great.

What is your Secret Sauce? Working my butt off. | 863.940.9660

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