Nathaniel Kendrick
Nathaniel Kendrick
September 29, 2019


Nathaniel comes from a very structured background. His father was a math teacher for 30 years and a minister for nearly 15. During Nathaniel’s sophomore year of college, his father died unexpectantly, leaving Nathaniel to reevaluate his purpose and priorities. After graduation, he worked in accounting, but quickly recognized that it was not where he wanted to be. With this in mind, Nathaniel launched a digital marketing company in 2016. He worked with local real estate firms, small businesses, and churches. With all of the experience Nathaniel gained from venturing out on his own, he pivoted from marketing a digital product to a physical product and launched his second company, YF LLC. Nathaniel also leverages his business expertise to consult start-ups in launching, branding, and building their businesses.

What is your business? YF is a company that produces safety & security products. Our premier product is the fireproof bag.

Who are your clients? Our clients are individuals and companies that want to secure their valuables without having to purchase a large safe. We make our products affordable for this reason.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? From my earliest memory, I’ve always been entrepreneurial. Solving problems was my passion and accomplishing that was a great motivator for me. I used to repackage pieces of candy and sell it in elementary school– I was fascinated by the fact that someone would pay me to do something that simple. I have just always been wired that way.

What are some business wins? During the California fires we sold far beyond our expectations. We hate that it had to be during such a hard time, but it was a challenge to keep up with the demand.

What are your short-term goals? We are working on a new version of our fireproof bag. It has been a process, but we are excited to release the upgraded version of our bags within the next few weeks!

How has Catapult helped you? It allows me to work in an atmosphere where I can easily network with other entrepreneurs within the community.

Secret Sauce? Finding a healthy balance between being optimistic and realistic. It is important to have a far-reaching vision, but there need to be realistic, achievable steps to get to where you want to go.




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