Candace + Matt Gross
Candace + Matt Gross
November 13, 2018


Candace + Matt started YelloWhistle to combine their love for advertising and business with their desire to help companies grow and succeed in the marketplace. From producing promotional material at Viacom Media Networks, non-profit organizations and production companies, to creating award-winning marketing content at the university level, they now use their experience and hustle to work hard for the clients they serve every day at YelloWhistle. Candace + Matt truly believe advertising is about illuminating how products and services will improve people’s lives. There shouldn’t be anything “salesy,” boring or unwelcoming about it. They do what they do to connect humans and to help business owners’ dreams become a reality.

What is your business? YelloWhistle is a digital advertising agency that specializes in Facebook + Instagram ads, video creation and sales funnels for ecommerce businesses.

Who are your clients? We work mostly with ecommerce business owners who are looking to increase sales through their online store.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Neither of us had entrepreneurial influences or even had the thought until we pursued our MBA’s. Studying business helped us to realize our skills + talents that were untapped until then. Our eyes were opened to see what life as business owners could look like + it enabled the freedom and innovation we were after.

What are your short-term goals? Our current goal is to continue to add to our remote team! We’re excited to hire more Account Managers, Business Developers, + Ad Specialists as we scale our business upward.

What are some business wins? We’re currently managing 20+ ecommerce ad accounts on a daily basis, helping business owners generate sales for their online stores. Some specific wins have been helping a brand new store achieve a 500% ROI from social media ads + doubling new customer revenue for a pop-culture apparel company.

Why Lakeland? Since we met in Lakeland in 2008, we have seen this city become a thriving hub for entrepreneurship, genuine community, and innovation. Ten years later and this city has provided so many career opportunities, deep relationships, and an environment that has encouraged us to step out on our own and pursue our dreams.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has provided us with an environment of other like-minded entrepreneurs and a coworking space that is productive, creative and encouraging!

What is your Secret Sauce?  Our Secret Sauce is servant leadership. We believe that business is all about people and using your gifts and talents to improve others’ lives. No matter how large our company gets, we want to always make sure that we’re acting out of integrity and serving our clients and team with respect and honor. | 863.838.5853



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