The Miami Cakery Co.

Hildie has always found herself making custom baked goods from home, but in 2014 she took a huge step and founded The Miami Cakery Company. She was set on a mission to produce a product to make life easier on the average home baker. This product would be long-lasting, affordable, and save precious time in the kitchen. Her product “I Love Cake! The Original Cake Dough” is a ready-made dough that is perfect to eat, shape, or decorate right out of the container. Specifically, the dough was created with cake pops and cake balls in mind. The product comes in five flavors: vanilla, chocolate, amaretto, sweet raspberry and cream cheese, and sweet guava and cream cheese. Made with simple ingredients, Hildie’s dough is available online to further simplify the baking process.

What is your business? We are a super small bakery with a fantabulous product!

Who are your clients? Most of our clients are home bakers, mothers, farmers’ market folks, and internet food shoppers.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? The most inspiring thing to me in my entrepreneurial journey has been the opportunity to lead, not follow. I wanted to lead the charge on a product I believe in that will truly be a help to home bakers everywhere and save them time.

If I could grant three wishes, what would they be? “I Love Cake!” product success, positive branding for my company, and the freedom for full-time operation.

What are some business wins? After years of custom bakery creations, to be able to create a product and to build the business upward little by little has been the biggest win.

What are your short-term goals? Our immediate short-term goal is to host a successful product launch.

Why Lakeland? Catapult provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere. I have not found anything quite like it.



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