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Anastasia grew up in Northwest Indiana in an immensely artistic family. As the daughter of a noted folk dancer and musician, she found creative outlets anywhere she could until she dialed in on writing. Her artistic inclination led her to Chicago, where she worked for an advertising agency. She took this opportunity to absorb as much as she could about the industry and further her creative pursuits. After a stint exercising her right brain in the investment industry, Anastasia left the corporate world to begin her very own boutique entertainment agency– and hasn’t looked back since.

What is your business? The Key of Z is a creative disruptor; a boutique media, marketing and production company that specializes in helping the “heart-repreneuer”.

Who are your clients? The entertainment industry has been my bread and butter for the past several years: musicians, venues, agencies, television + film production, and lots of music writing. I don’t limit myself to the types of businesses I will work with, but the thread between them is that they all aspire to serve the common good with their vision. If someone with a heart needs help sharing their product, service, or story and there is a fit, I am inspired to do my best work.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I have always been an idea person. Some people may call me a dreamer (I’m not the only one). I prize freedom, and the ability to build my own world and my own dreams is both enticing and exciting.

What are some business wins? Every time I get an excited email from a client who is happy with my work it is a major win!

What was the hardest thing about starting your business? There have definitely been challenges, but they all serve as lessons. For The Key of Z, as I scale and re-brand, I have found that I’ve outgrown my home office space. The distraction is disturbing to my focus and it was getting harder to draw the line between business life and personal life in the same space. Catapult Lakeland to the rescue!

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult is basically saving me. I can’t say enough good things about the opportunity to become a member. It’s wonderful when a town’s leaders see the value in helping bring big business to an area, but to find and focus on the creators, makers, and creative disruptors – it’s truly a unique situation that should ultimately be a norm.

What is your Secret Sauce? Being kind never goes out of style. Also, tzatziki.

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