Temple + Table

Tanya Muir is a spiritual writer, artist, and wellness educator.  Her message to the world is that “Soul Care is Self Care.” Remembering that beauty is at the core of who we are, she shares a system of inside-out self-care that elevates and empowers. Her company, Temple + Table, is an online community space for women who want to develop a meaningful and intentional self-care practice. Though most of her attention is focused on the success of Temple + Table, Tanya is also currently in the editing phase of her first book.

What is your business? Temple + Table offers tips and tools for body and soul transformation.

Who are your clients? I work with all kinds of creative women, but hold space for men as well.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I was so inspired by all the self-care brands out there, but there was a missing link for me. Everyone talks about how important spirituality is to a wellness practice (and I agree) but for me, there was no depth. I didn’t see anyone incorporating God into their brand story, so as a certified health coach, I thought maybe I should.

What are some business wins? I’d consider the opportunity to work with my clients and members a win every day!

What are your short-term goals? Currently, I am working to collaborate with like-minded brands and generate more awareness for Temple + Table.

How has Catapult helped you? By providing a strong network of other entrepreneurs; it can feel lonely when you’re on your own.

Secret Sauce? Intuition, it’s helped me for most of my life and certainly while bootstrapping as a solo entrepreneur!



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