Amy Hornbuckle
Amy Hornbuckle
October 8, 2018

Take a Walk Ministries

Amy followed a corporate job to Florida in September of 2017. She assumed that she would keep climbing the corporate ladder, but not long after the move God placed a vision on her heart. At that time, she had been running a Christian blog on the side, sharing her testimony and the stories of the biblical truth she was constantly learning. After a myriad of contributing factors, it was time for Amy to leave her job and pursue writing. In May of this year, that little blog launched into an online ministry– a ministry built around the story of how Jesus met Amy in the darkest time of her life and rescued her. Now, every day is the pursuit of sharing God’s grace with Amy’s audience and being a biblical resource for their faithful walk.

What is your business? An online ministry focused on deepening the intentionality with others’ personal walk with Jesus.

Who are your clients? I minister to believers and followers of Christ.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Truly, it was simply obeying the command from God rather than my personal decision.

What are your short-term goals? I am currently implementing a first-round study group to act as a focus group for my newest Bible study workbook. Coaching them, analyzing the results, and optimizing the product is the goal for the end of the year.

What are some business wins? I have been able to work one-on-one with some of my audience in their pursuit of Christ; this means serving as a very real, practical resource for them in their searching and questioning. It’s those moments that, I believe, glorify God and are the heartbeat of the ministry.

Why Lakeland? My husband and I, through a lot of prior connections, ended up as a part of a local church plant in Lakeland.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has provided me a workspace where I can truly focus and has opened doors for networking with fellow creatives to collaborate with.

What is your Secret Sauce? My ministry was founded on the slogan “Jesus meets us where we’re at,” which means we, who run it, meet our people where they’re at as well. I believe this approach is not always found and much needed.

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