Brittany Bandi + Jared Craig
Brittany Bandi + Jared Craig
June 2, 2019

Sow Exotic

Brittany and Jared are on a mission to grow the largest collection of rare fruiting and medicinal plants the world has ever seen. At first, they were collecting rare edible and useful plants for their own garden and edible landscape, but they knew that they wanted to develop an online-based business. It happened slowly, then all of a sudden, Brittany and Jared were quitting our jobs to become full-time exotic plant growers. They are building this business themselves, literally from the dirt up – from constructing the greenhouses to coding the website and each tiny hand-sown seed in between. Now that they are serving thousands of gardeners annually, Brittany and Jared are working toward expanding their plant production space and team! Their grand plan is to make an “international food forest,” a public park filled with fruit trees and exotic herbs from all over the world. It just so happens that Lakeland’s climate, population, and geographical location make it the perfect spot.

What is your business? Sow Exotic is an edible plant nursery specializing in tropical fruit trees, unique fruiting plants, and rare medicinal herbs.

Who are your clients? Sow Exotic is primarily an e-commerce business and we sell our plants online. We ship plants through the mail to all 50 states and Puerto Rico and will be launching shipping to Canada this summer!

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? We were driven to be our own bosses and to put in the hard work to (hopefully) make the world a greener and better place.

What are some business wins? Since founding Sow Exotic, we’ve already served almost 15,000 gardeners. Being able to wake up and do this every day is the ultimate win!

What are your short-term goals? This summer, we’re taking on the massive project of moving and expanding our plant production space. We’re also growing our team!

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has provided an engaging and inspiring community, mentorship, and a super cool place to work!

Secret Sauce? For Brittany, it’s ketchup and mustard mixed together. Jared’s torn between Crystal hot sauce and A1. But don’t tell anyone. In business, we have a really unique product and our pure love and obsession for collecting edible plants separates us from the crowd.




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