Patrick & Sarah Mulcahy
Patrick & Sarah Mulcahy
July 11, 2016

A Cow Named MOO

After moving to Lakeland 2 years ago, Patrick threw out the crazy idea to make ice cream. The problem? He and Sarah didn’t know how to make ice cream. Armed with every library book on the subject and a household ice cream machine, the duo developed the perfect ice cream sandwich, making the commitment to use only the best local ingredients and organic pasture-raised dairy. Their focus on quality and meaningful relationships creates an enjoyable experience for all ice cream sandwich lovers.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? We have worked together for over 17 years and it’s core to who we are! We love to solve unexpected problems and have never been afraid to give our ideas a try.

Who are your clients? People who care about what they eat and supporting local business. We love getting to know each of them!

Business wins? We are fully supporting ourselves with this business and are also happy in the little moments when we’re told, “This is the best ice cream sandwich I have ever eaten.” That’s enough for us.

Three wishes: Our huge wish of updating our equipment came true as we were awarded a LAUNCH: Micro-Grant of $10,000 at Catapult from local financial institutions! We would also love to be able to travel more and taste the cuisine of the world–that inspires us! (Can there also be 1 more day in the week?)

Something interesting? We make everything from scratch and taste every batch. If it’s not excellent, it doesn’t get sold. Period.

Why Lakeland? There is a special community here! When we go downtown, we always see people we know and it’s not just a familiar face; it’s their name, their story, even their dog’s name!

Favorite things to do in Lakeland? Eating at the outdoor patio at Palace Pizza, riding the Zagster bikes around the lakes, and walking at Circle B Bar Reserve.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult is true to its name–it has catapulted our business into a reality, especially with the use of the commissary kitchen and receiving the grant. Catapult provides very unique opportunities to entrepreneurs and we are extremely grateful!

Secret Sauce? Expect nothing, appreciate everything.

www.instagram.com/acownamedmoo| CowNamedMoo@gmail.com
CatapultLakeland.com | 863.940.9660


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