Paige Wagner
Paige Wagner
October 15, 2018

Paige Wagner Homes Realty

Paige and her husband, Chase, moved to Lakeland from southern California in 2012. They’ve been actively involved in the community, flipping historic homes in the Lake Hollingsworth area, helping launch Grace City Church in Dixieland, and giving back in any way they can. For Paige, Lakeland has been full of growth and opportunity. In 2014, she began her real estate journey as a sales associate with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate and three years later, she became a real estate broker and opened her own company, Paige Wagner Homes. Paige lives and breathes real estate and strongly believes that realtors have a responsibility to do right unto others as they navigate them from point A to point B. Paige always tells her clients that buying and selling a home is an “art”, not a “science.” It’s a process with many moving pieces that always end up knitting their way together to give the client their perfect home!

What is your business? I own + operate a real estate brokerage specializing in homes in the Lakeland historic districts.

Who are your clients? Anyone needing guidance with the sale and purchase of a home!

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? My parents are entrepreneurs and I witnessed their freedom to implement any idea they had. Even if it failed, the opportunity of “try, fail, and learn” is something I always longed for in a job.

Something interesting about your business? I host a historic home tour every Spring that is open to the public. I showcase six bungalows + mid-century historic homes that I’ve sold in the past year in central Lakeland. I partner with local business like Concord Coffee, Ranemade, Bump Galletta, and others to showcase their businesses in the homes and give out goodies to guests attending the tour.

What are some business wins? Client referrals are always a business win. Nothing is more rewarding than having a client so pleased with how my team navigates the home-buying process that they want their family and friends to experience it too.

Why Lakeland? Lakeland isn’t too big where it’s hard to start something but not too small where change and new ideas can’t be implemented. It’s affordable for young people to live and thrive and cultured with history and character to keep us here. Lakeland surprises people time and time again.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult creates a  great space for my team to work and expand the next phase of my company.

What is your Secret Sauce? A genuine love for homes, not sales.

PaigeWagnerHomes.com | 321.749.4196



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