Nyrka Riskin
Nyrka Riskin
February 5, 2018


Nyrka Riskin Image + Business Consulting


For almost 20 years, Nyrka has served in international and local organizations across an array of industries. She has been active in local non-profits, organizations, and associations for years and strives to leave a positive impact on the Lakeland community. Her professional experience and knowledge of the local and external markets gives her the ability to assess and advise companies near and far. Through international travel, program development, enterprise coaching, and corporate board consulting, Nyrka strategically advises and supports businesses, teams, and individuals. Her passion for producing effective leaders and supporting businesses is the driving force behind her consulting practice.

What is your business? I provide executive coaching and consulting services to organizations and individuals in the areas of image, branding, sales, and marketing.

Who are your clients? My services range from facilitating professional attire workshops for managers to setting up professional photoshoots for social media clients, so my client-base is very diverse.

What are some wins for your business? So far the business is showing positive results not only in revenues and business growth, but also in clients’ experiences. The best reward comes when you see positive results in your client’s performance, whether that comes in the form of an updated professional wardrobe or as a more polished employee.

Why Lakeland? Lakeland is the perfect place to start a business.  It is small enough that you can meet a lot of influential people in your community and is big enough to acquire large clients that recognize the quality of the product that you are offering.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult provides an open and positive environment for entrepreneurs to grow their business. The workspace is exactly what I was looking for and I truly enjoy the environment. My clients also really love visiting the space and engaging with others.

What is your Secret Sauce? My secret sauce is the eclectic experience I’ve gained in the professional world and I believe that every individual has the same opportunity to offer something unique. I take a lot of pride in being a professional with everything I do.


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