Novo Batteries

Daniel is originally from Puerto Rico and served in the United States Navy for ten years as an aircraft mechanic. He spent three tours in Afghanistan, two tours in Iraq and two tours in Africa. Following service in the Navy, Daniel joined the Florida Air National Guard to continue serving our country. In 2017, he was sent to Florida to provide logistics support following Hurricane Irma. After his experience in the military and with natural disasters specifically, Daniel noticed the importance of a reliable source of energy. In fact, the best backup system generators and batteries can save lives in the field of combat along with their utility following natural disasters. That thought is where Novo Batteries was born. Daniel hopes to develop new, efficient, and effective cell batteries and generators for the defense of our country and emergency response to natural disasters.

What is your business? We sell all types of batteries– including the highest-performing absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries. They are resistant to vibration, completely sealed, and maintenance-free.

Who are your clients? Our customers are vehicle and industrial equipment owners that require high-quality batteries with proven performance.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I am driven by my passion to develop new, efficient fuel-cell generators and advanced battery systems. 

What are some business wins? I’ve just recently had my first round of sales all around the United States. This has been a huge win because I’ve been able to determine the demand for these batteries.

What are your short-term goals? My goals are like the batteries I sell: charge up with strength and energy, jump-start my business, and help positively develop the Lakeland community.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult has given me the space to develop and launch my company in an innovative and supportive environment. 

Why Lakeland? It sits perfectly between Orlando and Tampa, it has experienced positive economic growth, and is growing in diversity.

Secret Sauce? Always remain positive and trust in God.



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