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At 7 years old, Mark was captivated by the classic book “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” He used the practices he incessantly read about to meet new people as often as he could. This became the genesis of Mark’s life-long quest: to meaningfully connect with others. He became more and more fascinated by what makes someone a center of influence and how others can learn and implement this skill. Following his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Mark began his eclectic professional career before decisively working in public speaking. In 2015, Mark outlasted over 35,000 participants in a Toastmasters International event to become one of the top 100 public speakers in the world. He filmed his first TEDx talk in Ocala in November of 2017 and was featured on’s main website. Mark is now solely focused on creating an immersive training environment for his clients to soar with confidence.

What is your business? We help leaders sell ideas and products with speaking engagements.

Who are your clients? We work with executives, sales professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, start-up founders, and non-profit leaders.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Most professionals are terrified of public speaking, but it is often the quickest strategy to establish trust, share ideas, and grow a business. I wish someone had taught me how speaking could help me gain confidence and close more sales– it would have saved me years of frustration.

What are some business wins? Not only do we provide sales and public speaking training, but we work with mindset training as well. Through this, we have trained executives and teams at Siemens, EA Sports, as well as technology start-ups and professionals in the construction industry.

What are your short-term goals? We are working to establish our company as a go-to training resource for high-performance executives, sales professionals and start-up founders in Florida.

How has Catapult helped you? I’m new with Catapult, but I already feel welcomed and embraced by the community. I’m enthusiastic and excited to grow with Catapult for years to come.

Secret Sauce? We deliver results by using Olympic-style training for leaders, executives and sales professionals. This training is accelerated, intense and comprehensive.



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