Matthew Antolick
Matthew Antolick
December 12, 2016

Matthew Antolick

After earning a BA and MA in Philosophy, Matthew left the world of academia to play drums for over 10 years. He experienced how easy it was for those with strong passions, like some of the musicians he worked with, to get entangled in relational turmoil. The time between performances backstage became his first love; this was when he was able to help resolve interpersonal tensions with his fellow musicians. Matthew was driven by these experiences, in addition to the art of reconciliation that he learned from going through his own hardships, to create Abound Relational Coaching.

What is your business? Abound Relational Coaching combines the best that philosophy, counseling, coaching, and consulting has to offer with a unique, story-centered approach to personal development and interpersonal healing.

Who are your clients? I specialize in Christian coaching, focusing on topics like marriage, church disputes, and workplace struggles. But I also love to work with people from all backgrounds and beliefs.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I felt like my unique combination of strengths and my novel approach to working with people didn’t neatly t into a typical counseling or consulting job.

Something interesting? My goal is truly to work myself out of a job. I’m not interested in being “the relationship guru.” I want to duplicate what I know and in uence the people I work with to do the same. Ideally, if I am successful, my clients won’t need to call me anymore!

Why Lakeland? I grew up here, left in 1993, and came back this summer. This is not the town I remember (in a good way)! I am surprised and delighted on a daily basis by the people, places, and events going on here.

Favorite things to do in Lakeland? Run/walk Lake Hollingsworth. Perform with fellow musicians at The Pink Piano, Patio850, and 801 E. Main Street. Walk around the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

How has Catapult helped you? The aesthetic, creative, and productive energy makes it very easy to get things done. I’ve also met great people!

Secret Sauce? Curiosity. Instead of assuming that you know something, ask questions!

AboundNow.com | 314.254.3382
CatapultLakeland.com | 863.940.9660


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