Shane Osborne
Shane Osborne
May 5, 2019

Mason Danger Beard Co.

Shane moved down to Florida after graduating as an occupational therapist in 2009. Sporting a beard and having experienced skin issues, he saw a growing need in the market for an all-natural beard product that is not only gentle on skin (unlike some products on the market!) but actually uses natural remedies to help care for skin and hair. Shane began by making just a few bottles at a time for personal use and giving extras to some friends who were interested.  His friends insisted that he was onto something and implored him to make the product available to the public. Using money he had saved from his work as a therapist, Shane purchased the necessary equipment to create the product on a larger scale, taught himself how to build a website, named the company after his son– and Mason Danger went from a dream to reality.

What is your business? We sell beard products made with all-natural resources.

Who are your clients? Men with beards and their wives who want them to look and smell better.

What are some business wins? Hooking up with amazing local companies like Rafa Natural and having the full line available in both their shops in Bartow and Lakeland.

What are your short-term goals? To continue to grow and become available in more and more barber shops and specialty shops throughout Lakeland, Tampa, St. Pete and Orlando.

Why Lakeland? Lakeland was the best accident ever! I lived in Davenport and my girlfriend (now wife) lived in Tampa and we just found it easy to meet here for date nights. When we got more serious and decided to move in together, we decided The Alexan Apartments next to Cobb Theater would be perfect for all our needs as she was working at Moffitt in Tampa and I was a Rehab Director in Winter Haven.

How has Catapult helped you? Catapult gives me a place I can step away and focus 100% on building my company without distraction from the outside world.

Secret Sauce? Understanding that everyone I meet is special and that everyone– no matter their education or background– has information, knowledge, and special interests that will make me better personally and professionally, and aid in the growth of my business, if I simply give them the time to listen.




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