Maegan Carroll
Maegan Carroll
June 26, 2017

Maegan Danielle Design & Illustration

Maegan developed a passion for art at a young age through drawing and painting. Throughout high school and college, she often found herself designing logos, t-shirts, posters, and invitations. After recognizing the high demand for graphic designers in the community, she was inspired to start a design business of her own. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design + Communications and went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Business to develop the tools and skills necessary to run her own company. Maegan is driven by the entrepreneurial buzz in Lakeland and her passion to create.

What is your business? I create the visual aspects of marketing, such as promotional material, branding, advertisements, and websites. I also take commissions for drawings, paintings, and illustrations.

Who are your clients? I like to work with small businesses and those in the process of launching their own projects and companies, but have worked with many businesses of all sizes.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? It is so satisfying to create exactly what my clients have pictured in their heads (or to exceed their expectations!) and witness their reaction to my work. I also love the freedom to work for myself and make my own professional decisions.

Business wins? I recently boosted the SEO on my website and began receiving a lot of inquiries from clients outside of Lakeland, which has been very encouraging. I’m also currently working on one of the biggest commissions I’ve received so far, illustrating 20 pages of a children’s book for Counting Pup Press.

How has Catapult helped you? Since becoming a member of Catapult, I’ve experienced a boost in confidence and have become a part of the entrepreneurial community that is present in Lakeland. Both of these things have helped make my freelance work a reality.

Secret Sauce? Believe in yourself and never lose interest in learning new things! Most successful people have earned their place by having the will to learn and to constantly improve their skills in addition to who they are.


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