John Gould
John Gould
June 30, 2019

Living Space


John is a Lakeland native, FSC graduate, historian, and writer pursuing a career in the spaceflight industry. He is seeking to apply the research and writing skills of the humanities to spaceflight’s history and future with academic rigor and scholarly methodology, and may continue to achieve a Master’s. The two-hour drive to Cape Canaveral is his closest friend and he always finds himself there and all across the nation to attend spaceflight events and happenings with his fellow colleagues. He has been privileged to meet several of the 12 individuals who walked on the Moon, many others who have “slipped the surely bonds of Earth,” and wants to share those experiences with you!

What is your business? Living Space is an online presence communicating all-things related to spaceflight and the space age’s implications in our sociocultural framework. It fills a gap in both the spaceflight industry with a humanities narrative and in the humanities with a scientific narrative.

Who is your audience? Living Space necessarily depends on the spaceflight community and other spaceflight professionals. My audience is the general public, and NASA has credentialed me as press for two launches in this capacity.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I found that not many others were doing what I wanted to see; and I believe filling the gaps is important for having a well-rounded narrative. Those gaps happened to be what I enjoy doing, so my experiment in filling them kind of stuck.

What are your short-term goals? A wonderful success would be getting published in an academic journal or a printed spaceflight

publication. I’m currently doing research to author a few History articles that would be eligible for submittal to such a journal.

How has Catapult helped you? A public environment with background activity and friends is conducive to my productivity, and Catapult provides that in a professional, resourceful open-space concept, with other young creators to draw inspiration and motivation from.

Secret Sauce? Reading, reading, and more reading. Voraciously entertaining ideas. Always changing and updating viewpoints. Connecting my knowledge into something original and meaningful. These things will set you apart in anything you do.




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